KETO Mended Her Unhealthy Relationship With Food AND With Herself!

I first found Kelsey in the Lazy Keto for Women group on Facebook. She is one of the awesome admins for the group who shares with us often. I love that Kelsey mentions how Keto changed her relationship with herself. This is definitely something I have noticed too.  I'm happy to share her keto story with you.


Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey. I am from outside of Pittsburgh, PA! I am actually looking to relocate within the next year possibly. (I am considering Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, or Texas right now.) I am an avid keto researcher and spend most of my free time learning more and helping others with their journeys! I am a co-admin of the Facebook group, Lazy Keto for Women, with over 100k women. Aside from a passion for nutrition I also have a certification in dog training and a passion for aquatic life. I love building and maintaining saltwater and freshwater aquariums!

What was your inspiration to start eating a low carb keto diet?

I had been trying to lose weight and take back my health for years only to fail each time. A friend of mine who did figure competitions was posting a lot about keto. I thought keto was kind of crazy and I was very skeptical, but I figured I had nothing to lose at that point and decided to try it. Little did I know it would a year later it would be my new normal.


If you did it for weight loss how much did you lose?

I have now lost over 30 pounds with muscle gain. I am going back for a second BodPod test soon to see how much muscle I have gained since June 2017. I didn’t workout very much when I started keto. I lost my first 20lbs during the first 4 months.

Are you at your goal weight? If so how long have you maintained your weight?

I would say I’m almost at my goal. My focus isn’t weight loss anymore. I wouldn’t say I’m in maintenance yet but the last 6 months I have continued to lose weight very gradually. Technically my goal would be to lose 10 more pounds over time but I’m more focused on how I look and feel!

How has it changed you and your perspective on life?

Starting keto I never would have thought it would change much about my life, my weight maybe, but most certainly not my mind! Keto has mended not only my unhealthy relationship with food but with myself! I am a much more confident person nowadays. Keto has also opened my eyes to how much people are suffering with their health on a day to day basis with not much hope to feel better. My goal now is to help as many people as I can heal their bodies through nutrition.

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What is your favorite low carb keto food or recipe?

My favorite meal has always been Cauliflower Mac n Cheese with brats added to it! My favorite recipe is from

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My new favorite dessert is Peace Love and Low Carb’s Flourless Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Do you have some advice for someone just starting out?

My top 5 keto tips:
1. Drink your electrolytes and water! If I don't have my electrolytes for the day I can feel it!
2. Don't be afraid of fat. No matter how much fat you have on your body! You need to eat fat to lose fat
3. If you have a bad day don't give up! You can go right back to eating keto and still see results!
4. Be mindful of your protein! I stalled for months before I realized I was eating a little too much protein for my body and I wasn't in ketosis.
5. Eat enough calories! In order for my body to heal and start losing weight I had to almost double my caloric intake! I lost all my weight eating around 2000 calories!

Is there something you do for yourself now that you didn't before you started a low carb keto lifestyle?

The main thing is obviously focusing on my health. I am very young, so I have never thought twice about my blood pressure, glucose levels, blood work, or if my hormones are balanced, etc. It’s now a passion of mine to nourish my body to support all of its healthy functions. I want to be as healthy as I can be!