Quick Guide to the Low Carb Keto Diet- 12 Things to Know

Hello and welcome! I wanted to put together a quick 5-minute blog post that outlines the basics of the low carb keto diet so everyone who is starting the keto diet or as we fat fuel keto'ers like to say this way of eating gets a good idea of how it all works.

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Now mind you, I'm not a doctor and this is my experience I'm sharing. Always consult with a doctor who understands the keto diet.

Let's get right to the point. These are 10 things about the low carb keto diet that will help you understand how it works.

12 Things to Help You Understand the Low Carb Keto Diet

  1. It's called the KETO diet because your body is using ketones made from fat to fuel your body rather than using glucose as fuel (aka sugars.)
  2. You go into ketosis by reducing and eliminating carbs aka sugars from your diet- these carbs include ALL grains, sugars of any kind, most fruits except berries, starchy foods like potatoes even sweet potatoes.
  3. Test to see if you are in KETOSIS using ketone test strips. It takes between 24-28 hours for your body to use all the glucose before you will start showing ketones on the test strips. I use the test strips to guide me on which foods my body can handle. If something kicks me out of ketosis I eliminate it from my diet or at least reduce it. YOU WILL pee a lot once you go into ketosis so be sure to drink a lot of water and refresh your electrolytes aka salt.
  4. FORGET Everything you thought you knew about nutrition, dieting and what to eat. Clear your mind of all the food you thought was taboo and would make you gain weight or you thought were bad for you. In ketosis, you are metabolizing fuel differently than glucose fueled bodies. 
  5. FAT is GOOD for you! Fat is your fuel when you are in ketosis so you want to eat a lot of it. Don't worry about thinking fat will make you gain weight.
  6. SALT is GOOD for you! When you are in ketosis your body will need extra electrolytes aka pure unprocessed salt such as sea salt or Pink Hymylain Salt. Pickle Juice is great for refreshing your electrolytes too. Here's my pickle juice recipe. It actually tastes really good!
  7. BACON & CHEESE are GOOD! Best diet ever right! You can eat bacon and cheese because both are zero carb foods! Not only can you eat them they are good for you as a fat fueled body. Meats and cheeses of almost all kinds are great on the keto diet. 
  8. You will hear the term Fat Adapted means your body was using fat for fuel rather than glucose.
  9. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. There are a few different perspectives on how to do the KETO diet which is a kind of low carb diet. Personally, I just wanted to eliminate carbs and get to the point where I was fat adapted then I started counting my macro's more closely.  Do what works for you and then set goals to get better and better.
  10. COMMIT TO THE LIFESTYLE.  It will be easier than you think! Committing to the Low Carb Lifestyle helps you focus on the idea you're in it for the long run not just for a quick fix.  If you are to the point that you have gained a lot of weight chances are your body doesn't handle carbs or sugar very well. From my personal experience, I see this in my genes. My mom's side of the family has a huge overweight problem. My cousins, aunts uncles and brothers and sisters all struggle with it. I was looking at a photo of my grandma's 6 aunts and they all looked bloated and overweight just like me. It is definitely something that runs in our family.  In my family so far my 1 cousin has lost 100 lbs and counting on low carb keto, my mom has lost 68 lbs and counting on keto, my brother has lost 45lbs and counting, another cousin has lost over 50 lbs and counting and I've lost 32 lbs and counting. It's definitely something that is working for our family.
  11. It will be easier than you think ... once you get going. MY SUGAR ADDICTION WENT AWAY!! I had at least one 32 oz Dr. Pepper a day. I use to buy this giant pixie sticks all sugar, of course, every day after school in high school and eat a chocolate milk shake for lunch. I was a sugar addict. Once I was fat adapted I didn't really need sugar anymore. For my drink fix, I would drink La Croix flavored sparkling water. 
  12. FIND A DOCTOR WHO UNDERSTANDS THE KETO DIET. Find a doctor who will support you and understands how the keto diet works because if you are on meds like me they will want to monitor your meds because most likely they will be reduced or you will be taken off of them if you live a low carb keto lifestyle. 


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