6 Tips to Order Low Carb Keto Foods at ANY Restaurant

I love eating out.  Just because I'm am living a low carb keto diet way of eating doesn't mean I have to make all my meals at home or avoid eating out with friends.  I still eat at all my favorite restaurants and you can too. You just need a few simple guidelines to customize your order to fit your low carb high fat way of eating.

6 Tips for Low Carb Dinner, Lunch or Brunch at your Favorite Restaurants

  1. Look for meals where you can easily omit the carbs such as a salad at your local Chipotle restaurant. You can order the salad without the rice and add some extra meat.
  2. Ask to have your cheeseburger or sandwich wrapped in lettuce rather than bread. At the local In and Out Burger restaurant near me, I ask for Protient Style with extra cheese. You can do this a McDonalds and Wendy's restaurants too. You would be surprised how many places have a no bun, no bread option available off-menu.
  3. Ask for the nutritional information on menu items. Hidden carbs can be in unexpected places such as pancake batter being added to omelets like the IHOP restaurants do.
  4. Look for menu items naturally low in carbs such as a good steak, green veggies or guacamole. Even at a Mexican restaurant, you can find meat and cheese readily available.
  5. Ask for lemon or lime to add to your water or sparkling water. Or if the restaurant serves cucumbers on their salad as for a side of cucumber too and make a nice spa inspired flavored water to go with dinner. No need to drink just for plain water. 
  6. If you have a sweet tooth and you're missing desserts see if they have fresh or frozen berries. Top them off with some heavy whipping cream. For a dessert ask for berries with heavy cream.

If you have more tips please share them below in the comments. Thanks!

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