KETO Low Carb Acronyms

Are you lost when you are reading comments about the low carb keto diet and people are using acronyms like LCHF, HWC and IF? I was too. Here is a little guide I put together for you.  I hope it helps you like it did me when I was starting out.

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I'm not good at figuring out acronyms in general and when I start KETO I joined some groups and looked up info in forums. I was so lost when people were using the acronyms for the low carb keto diet/lifestyle so I put together this list for you so you can decipher what everyone is talking about.

KETO DIET Acronyms 

  • ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar
  • AS – Artificial Sweeteners
  • BPC = Bullet Proof Coffee
  • CO= Coconut Oil
  • Fat Bomb =  high-fat snack usually made with mostly coconut oil
  • HWC = Heavy Whipping Cream 
  • IF = Intermittent fasting, fasting for 12-16 hours between meals
  • LC = Low Carb
  • LCHF = Low Carb High Fat
  • Net Carbs = Total Carbs minus the fiber and/or minus sugar alcohols
  • NSV = Non-Scale Victory these are things like inches lost, clothes fitting, healing from health issues
  • ON = Way of nutrition
  • Shark Week= On your period Yes, I thought they were talking about the TV show when I first heard this haha!
  • SF = Sugar-Free
  • WOL = Way of living/life
  • WOE = Way of Eating 

As with all my lists, I will be updating it and adding as needed. Please let me know if there is an acronym you are wondering about and I can add it to the list. 

xo April